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Watch the gentle giants cruise the coast, Humpback Whales - Ningaloo Experience
Inquisitive, intelligent mammals
Humpback Whales are part of the Baleen Whale family, which means they mainly sieve planktonic organisms such as krill from the water to feed on. They are the fifth largest of the great whales, and females are slightly larger than males.
Humpback whales are mammals, giving birth to their young and feeding them rich milk to help develop the thick layer of blubberthat keeps them warm in the cold Antarctica waters. Every yeararound June, Humpback Whales migrating from the cold southern waters to tropical waters along the north coast of Western Australia reach Coral Bay.
It is within the warm waters of the North-West that they deliver their calves and mate. Females are pregnant for eleven to twelve months, giving birth to young whales more than 4 metres long, weighing over a tonne. The calf will be nursed until it's about 11 months old and around 8 metres long. Humpback Whale

Humpback Whales can be very playful, rolling at the surface, slapping their large fins (pec slapping) or tail (tail slapping) on the water, even launching their massive bulk out of the water to crash down in a spectacular display (breaching). Every whale has it's own unique personality, and joining a tour towatch them is immensely satisfying.

All Whales are protected in Australian waters and every year there is an increase in their numbers. There is also the chance to see the beautiful, fascinating Minke Whale, which looks like a large Dolphin.
Watching whales goes right through until November as the last whales, usually mother and calf return to the South. Whale watching tours can be arranged and include snorkelling on the reef and searching for other marine life that is abundant in the beautiful waters of the Ningaloo Reef.
Ningaloo Experience include Humpback Whale watching on their "Outer Reef Experience" tour. For further tour details and prices please click the "Outer Reef Experience" box on the right of this page.

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