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Swim with Whale Shark, Manta Rays or join a Fishing Charter - Ningaloo Experience
About Us
Ningaloo Experience focus on providing nature based tours that offer the customer an interesting, fun way to directly and personally experience the natural resources of Ningaloo Reef. Our tours are really about discovery, an adventure into the beautiful, blue world of marine animals that are going about their daily lives and letting us get a glimpse of their world.
Marine life isn't always predictible, but has proven to be quite reliable in the areas we cruise the reef - many of the animals are threatened or endangered species and every encounter is special. Ningaloo Experience provides innovative ecotourism products and is passionate about conservation of the local environment.
On board guests can find further interperative information about the environment and marine animals. Our tour guides are also well versed about the environment and marine animals and their own passion and enthusiasm shines through. Further information about ecotourism in Australia can be accessed via sites by Ecotourism Australia,, The International Ecotourism Society, and Aboriginal Tourism Australia
Ningaloo Experience
It was a love of the reef that prompted the development of Ningaloo Experience - Coral Bay, a business based around 25 years of personal knowledge by owner / operators, skipper Peter Shaw (Pedro) and business partner Melissa Zerbe. Pedro's vast local knowledge and experience lead to the creation of many interactive tours in Coral Bay. He began swimming people with Manta Rays and developed codes of conduct for interacting with these amazing fish. He also skippered the first Whale Shark vessel from Coral Bay, which helped lay the foundation for today's industry.
Ningaloo Experience
Offers a variety of tours from Snorkelling with Manta Rays (all year), snorkelling with Whale Sharks (seasonal), watching Humpback Whales (seasonal), watching Turtles, to Fishing charters. This diversity creates a balance of opportunity for all visitors to Coral Bay. Experience and knowledge of the local area ensures your interaction experience has as little impact as possible on the marine life.
The Reef
Ningaloo Reef stretches for 260 kms along the West Australian coastline.

Its northern boundary begins in the Exmouth Gulf and follows the coast of the North West Cape past Coral Bay for another 50 kilometres to Amherst Point.
The reef has over 500 different recorded fish species, 250 species of corals and many other organisms.

It is home to the gigantic plankton eating Whale Sharks, graceful Manta Rays, elusive Dugongs, Turtles and Dolphins. Throughout the year the reef provides unique experiences for those who want to explore its untamed expanse.
Mainly inhabited by species of "Acropora" corals, Bills Bay has a diversity of coral structure, shape and size. The limestone base that makes up the corals gives them the name "Hard" corals, but this is often far from the reality. These delicate forms grow well in the protected waters of the bay where current and wave action is reduced. They are actually quite fragile and easily damaged by people grabbing or standing on them. The characteristic colors of "Hard" corals include Brown, Green, Blue and Mauve.
A great diversity of fish inhabits the Bay, which is a Sanctuary Zone with limited beach fishing. Large Spangled Emperors follow you as you snorkel, inquisitive and trusting, along with a myriad of other tropical and sub-tropical fish.
Snorkelling information and equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) are available from the Ningaloo Experience shop located in the Coral Bay Shopping Village right near the beach front.

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