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Experience the amazing, graceful aquatic ballet of the Manta Rays - Ningaloo Experience
Their entire bodies are made up of cartilage
Manta Rays, Manta birostris are large plankton eating fish with a huge toothless mouth. They use it like a sieve to scoop up large quantities of plankton rich water as they gracefully swim through the water. Harmless creatures, the grace and beauty of a Manta Ray must be seen, to be believed. Long elegant wings create an illusion of flying through the water, an aquatic ballet that would make synchronised swimmers jealous.
The rays feed on plankton (plankton is made up of microscopic plants and animals). It is amazing they feed on the smallest micro animals that live in the ocean. The planktonic organisms are ingested through the rays wide open mouth and sieved through the gills. The gills are designed as complex filtering plates. The rays are capable of rapid speeds and will sometimes leap high out of the water, landing with a loud slap. Where manta rays gather there is a possibility that you might see a mating dance - several males chasing a single female each displaying its own acrobatic skills, competing with each other for the female. Females can sometimes be seen with a swollen tummy indicating pregnancy. The rays are often seen in shallow water whilst feeding on the surface.
Manta rays may reach a disc width of up to 670 cm and there have been reported sightings of 910 cm width; specimens of 400 cm disc width or more are common. They are harmless as they have no sting or venomous spine. Although they are wild creatures, they allow us to join them in their world. Peter's long association with Coral Bay allowed him the ability to observe and appreciate the unique nature of the Manta Ray and spark the idea of snorkelling with them. He was told in the beginning that it would be impossible to do this, but perseverance and careful observation of their behaviour paid off. "Manta Ray Tours" were born.
Manta Ray
Manta Ray Tours with Ningaloo Experience means you're getting the best you can possibly get. We believe in the rights of the Mantas and at all times ensure that our interaction doesn't upset or distract them from their routines. Consideration is
always given to how each Manta Ray reacts on the day of the tour and the best way to approach and interact with it. We respect that the Manta Rays have allowed us into their world, and never take it for granted. Our small group number of twelve passengers stops crowding and smothering of these magnificent creatures. At all times we have an experienced, capable swimmer in the water with you.
What sets Ningaloo Experience apart from every other operator ?.. a real sense of respect for the Manta Rays and with only TWELVE PEOPLE PER TOUR not only don't the Manta Rays get over crowded and chased but neither do our passengers! No waiting for the rest of the crowd to get in the water, no fighting for position...just an easy going group which will be halved so there are only six people in the water at one time. This lets the Manta relax, you relax and everyone benefits!
Ningaloo Experience include snorkelling with Manta Rays on their "Outer Reef Experience" tour. For further tour details and prices please click the "Outer Reef Experience" box on the right of this page.
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