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Whale Sharks- The biggest Fish in The Ocean, Whale Sharks - Ningaloo Experience
Whale Sharks- The biggest Fish in the ocean

Whale Sharks, Rhincodon typus, are huge plankton filtering sharks. They swim the ocean currents sieving large quantities of nutrient rich water into their mouth and out through their gills, which are specially created to trap the food on fine gill "rakes". There are two ways a Whale Shark may feed - either passively by opening their mouth as they swim or actively gulping - opening their mouth as they encounter nutrient rich water and sucking the water into their cavernous mouth. There are still many mysterys surrounding Whale Shark biology, reproduction and just where do they go when they leave Ningaloo? Whale Sharks are an endangered species and every Whale Shark tour not only helps provide funding for research, but participants help collect data, photos and info about the Whale Sharks that are encountered. To check out sightings visit ECOCEAN's web site or
Whale Sharks visit the Ningaloo Reef every year from late March through to mid June.
Enquire with us for your 2011 Whale Shark thrill!
Bookings Essential
Tour Prices for 2011:
Adult $395.00 AUD
Child $320.00 AUD (minimum age 6 years up to 15 years)
Observer $315.00 AUD
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