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Swim with Whale Shark, Manta Rays or join a Fishing Charter - Ningaloo Experience
Discover the beauty and bio-diversity of Ningaloo Reef
To get the most out of the Ningaloo Reef our Outer Reef Experience tour is a great option. The Outer Reef Experience will give you the opportunity to experience as much wildlife as is available on the day, cruise, relax and discover the beauty and bio-diversity of Ningaloo Reef.
Departing 9 am
Returning 2 pm (approx)
Join the Ningaloo Experience crew and snorkel with graceful Manta Rays for an experience of a lifetime. Manta Rays are filter feeders, filtering planktonic organisms in the water through their large mouths and out through their gills. These harmless creatures are found inside the fringing reef and often in quite shallow water.
At all times we ensure that our interaction doesn't upset or distract them from their routines. Consideration is always given to how each Manta Ray reacts on the day and the best way to approach and interact with it. We respect that the Manta Rays have allowed us into their world and never take it for granted.
Every tour only has a maximum of twelve passengers, which stops crowding and bombing of these magnificent creatures. Swimming with Manta Rays is one of the most satisfying interaction cruises you can experience in Coral Bay.
During the tour we cruise through the Turtle Sanctuary and watch turtles from the boat. We may be fortunate enough to encounter the elusive Dugong, a creature of myth and legend, the Mermaid of the sea.
To complete the day you snorkel two beautiful outer reef coral sites with abundant coral and tropical fish.
From June to November migrating Humpback Whales pass Coral Bay to their Northern calving grounds and whale watching is included in the tour at no extra cost.
We provide "nature based" tours and as such each tour is different and unique. The marine animals we encounter are "wild", in their natural environment and not trained in anyway, some are threatened or endangered species. We do not guarantee sightings of any of the above mentioned animals, but they are generally very reliable in their behaviour and locations we can expect to see them. There are no refunds if certain animals mentioned on the brochures/ website are not sighted, nor is a free repeat tour offered.
Outer Reef Experience
We provide:
Mask, Snorkel, Fins
Light Refreshments
Tour cost : valid from June 2009
Adult $165.00
Child (age 6 years up to 15 years) $95.00
Observer: $105.00 (non snorkeller)
2 Adults & 2 Children: $450.00
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